Exchange of Bitcoin BTC to Kazkommertsbank KZT

Internet banking is a very popular service that millions of people use not only to pay for utility bills or fast and profitable Internet purchases, but also to exchange various digital assets among themselves. Kazkommertsbank is one of the few banks that can offer such a payment tool to its users. Holders of Kazkommertsbank cards have the ability to create transfers, replenish balances, pay their own needs, pay off obligations, and control all their expenses and incomes. Quite often in a person’s life there is a need to exchange money of one kind for another. For example, having Bitcoins in your hands, you get the opportunity to avoid typical drawbacks for traditional remittances, such as high commission, long-term operation or attraction of intermediary services. The receiver, whose wallet received digital coins, may want to exchange them for the country’s fiat money. Some try to purchase digital gold as an attractive investment asset that can bring profit to its owner in the future. Traders have a great demand for crypto currency because of the large volatility of the digital market, in which the main reason for their earnings is laid. And to cash out the earnings, you need to exchange Bitcoins for Kazakh tenge.

How to create an exchange application for BTC – KZT?

In order to conduct an exchange operation Bitcoin – a card of Kazkommertsbank on the site, you will need to perform the following actions:

1. In the “You give” section, you need to specify the BitCoin crypto currency. You can do this either by pressing the top button with the value “BTC”, or by selecting the button with the corresponding logo.

2. In the “You get” section, you also need to sеlect the KZT currency.

3. At the bottom of the screen, specify the number of coins to be exchanged. Please note that for this exchange direction the minimum amount is 0.01 BTC.

4. The amount of the tenge will be automatically added, depending on the current exchange rate. Under this value, you will see the exchange rate and available reserve. If you want to exchange an amount that exceeds the amount of the reserve, you will need to leave a request.

To do this, you will need to specify the necessary amount of tenge (KZT), enter an email address, optionally leave a comment and solve a simple mathematical problem, to prove that you are a person.

5. In the next window you will need to specify the payment requisites:

• 16 digits of the card of Kazkommertsbank;

• TIN of the card holder;


• e-mail;

• phone number.

If all the data is correct, click the “Swap” button, on the next page, check the data, tick off that the service rules are acquainted / agree, click the “Swap” button and click on the transfer button, transfer the bitcoin to the provided address and wait for transaction confirmation in the network (the Operator will send money to your card after 2-6 confirmations on the network), for quick confirmation when sending from your personal wallet, specify the average or high commission for the transaction, wait for the tenge to go to your card. The application is processed by the service operator, therefore it can take from 5 to 120 minutes during business hours from 12:00 to 01:00 Almaty time, but usually all applications are paid for by the operator within 5-30 minutes and very rarely in an hour.