How buy or sell Bitcoin in Kazakhstan?

Recently, few people have heard of the Bitcoin crypto currency. About BitCoin speak on TV, write in the media, they say in the governments of different countries and national banks. Some states want to ban crypto currency, some on the contrary to allow. Somewhere crypto-currencies are taxed, otherwise they are exempt. The Bitcoin crypto currency has both pluses and minuses.

The pluses are:


  • Decentralization;
  • Absence of right regulation;
  • The ability to earn on the difference of purchase and sale rates;
  • Possibility to earn, obtaining crypto currency with the help of special powerful computers ASIC miners;
  • Small commissions for transactions;
  • The open source code, the ability to track all the movement of coins in the network.

By cons are:

  • Lack of customer support;
  • High volatility of the exchange rate in the short term;
  • The interest of all kinds of scammers in the unlawful taking over of your Bitcoins;
  • No obligations to users.

There are pluses and minuses, but only the main ones are listed above. Most people buy Bitcoin because of potential profitability. A year ago in January 2017 Bitcoin cost only 1000 USD, in May 2018 8500 USD, and in December 2017 the price reached a record 20,000 USD. Not one bank can not provide such profitability. It is predicted that in 2018, bitcoin can reach a new price maximum of $ 30,000-100,000 dollars, and in a few years and at all cost $ 500,000- $ 10,000,000. What actually will be the course will only show time, but it must definitely grow, since the emission limit is 21,000,000 bitcoins.

So how do you buy Bitcoin and start using it? The Internet has a lot of information on this issue, so if you are too lazy to read the articles, then you can watch the videos on Youtube. Firstly, you need to open a purse and ensure its safety. As a rule, all wallets are free. The safety of your wallet is the main task that the user must take care of on his own.

Basic safety measures:

Record all the data of your wallet and securely store them on a PC or better on paper in several copies. It will be for example: login, password, a phrase of 12 words, a backup of your wallet, etc.

Check the PC for viruses and constantly provide protection against viruses using anti-virus software.

Buy or sell Bitcoin can be through online exchangers, crypto exchange or directly between people. The simplest, faster and safer way to buy or sell Bitkoyn through online exchangers is through the bank card of any bank in Kazakhstan (Kazkommertsbank, Halyk, ATF, Kaspi, ATF, Bank of Astana, Eurasian, Forte and any others) or through payment systems: AdvCash, Qiwi, Payeer, PerfectMoney and others. Banks for the purchase of crypto-currencies are just intermediaries and are not connected directly with Bitcoin. In principle, buying a crypto currency is not complicated and requires only a small basic knowledge. Many think that one bitcoin is expensive and they do not have that much money to buy, but bitcoin is divided up to 8 decimal places and is usually sold at a rate of 0.01 BTC (Approximately 30,000 tenge).

The procedure for buying or selling is as follows. In the exchanger, an exchange request is created and for this purpose it is necessary to fill in the required information: name, email, telephone number, card number, IIN, address for obtaining bitcoins. When you have created the application you need to send money to the exchanger’s bank card or in case of sale to send Bitcoin to the purse of the exchanger, after sending the funds to the details of the exchange, you can only wait until the operator of the exchanger processes your request, usually it takes no more than an hour to work time. For security, we recommend that you only use trusted and reliable exchange points. For example, choose the most profitable exchange rate and a reliable exchanger can be used to monitor exchangers

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