1. How long does it take to pay an application?

The client is paid 60 minutes to pay for the application.

ATTENTION! If payment does not arrive at the specified time, we are entitled to dеlete the application, because your application blocks our funds in the reserve and they are not available to other customers, if you do not want the application to be deleted, then contact us in any convenient way for you. If payment is received after the deletion of the application, then do not worry we will certainly fulfill it, but the rate that will be on the date of receipt is indicated on our website.

2. I sent money to your bank details. How long will I receive the Crypto currency in my wallet?

Sending a crypto currency (BitCoin or Ethereum) takes 5 to 120 minutes during business hours. Confirmation of the transaction on the network does not depend on us and can be from 10 minutes to several days or even weeks.

3. I sent the Crypto currency (BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Zcash and Dash). How much will I get the money?

Sending money usually takes 5 to 120 minutes during business hours after 2-6 transaction confirmations on the network. If the amount of more than 1 million tenge shipment can take longer. The guaranteed lead time is within 24 hours.

ATTENTION!!! The confirmation of the transaction on the network can be from 10 minutes to several days, depending on the current traffic of the network and the commission you charge for sending. The last time Bitcoin transactions take place within 30-40 minutes, for the remaining crypto-currencies within 10-30 minutes, respectively, you get the money on the card in about 10-40 minutes.

4. Can I trust your service? This is not scam?

We have many reviews on the popular P2P exchanger bitcoin LocalBitcoins.

Our account:

By clicking on the link you can check the administrator’s reputation and see independent reviews.

Also you can look and leave your feedback on the independent monitoring of exchangers:

Monitoring exchangers inсlude in their listing only reliable and trusted exchange offices that work for at least 6 months, have currency reserves of $ 5000, 100% positive reputation, and reviews.

5. I have never used BitCoin / Ethereum and I do not have a wallet. How can I buy BitCoin / Ethereum through your website?

We recommend to create a purse and ensure its safety. For example, you can create a purse at

The purchase of crypto currency is done through the creation of an application on the site. Brief instruction:

1. Go to the “Exchange” page;

2. On the left choose which bank or payment system you give;

3. On the right, choose the currency of receipt of Bitcoin / Ethereum;

4. The form for filling all your data will open, fill in all the fields, click “Exchange”, if everything is correct, then the site will move you to the next page, if something is wrong, see which fields are marked in red and correct the error;

5. Check all your data, check “I have read and agree with the rules of the service”, click on “Create an order”, the site will move you to the next page, where you will see the bank details for payment;

6. Make payment within 60 minutes (via Internet banking, through the cashier’s bank or through the terminal, as convenient for you), and press the “I paid” button, wait for the application processing by the operator.

All the statuses of the application will receive notifications by email, so when you create an application, specify a valid email address. The sale of crypto currency is in reverse order and almost does not differ from the purchase. If you still, something is not clear, you can always contact an online consultant, write to WhatsApp, Telegram or call, all contacts are indicated at the top in the header of the site.

We recommend buying the first time Bitcoin / Ethereum for a small amount, in order to sort out everything in a little way (the minimum amount is 50,000 tenge). If 50,000 tenge is a critical amount for you, then we do not recommend buying at all.

6. Do I have to register on your site?

No, registration is not mandatory, but registered users receive a cumulative discount and can use our affiliate program, inviting other customers to use the services of our service. Read more about this here.

7. What commission do you charge for the purchase or sale of crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ether, Lightcoin, Dash, Zek and others)?

Such a concept as a commission is not used, all of our commissions are put into courses. We set our buying and selling rates depending on the situation on the market, so before buying, look at the courses on other exchangers. For example, you can choose the most profitable courses on the most popular monitoring of exchangers Our courses are usually one of the most profitable in Kazakhstan.

8. How long does the course stay in the application?

The rate in the application is fixed at the time of payment (60 minutes).

When sending bitcoin, the amount in the unpaid order is automatically recalculated every 65 minutes by the current